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Cloud Peritus
March 14, 2022

Leverage Zip Code To Improve User Experience In Salesforce

Contacting customers promptly is an integral part of any business but time zones can complicate this process. It is also important to respect business hours during solicitation to ensure leads do not end up in DNC lists and diminish the chances of a successful contact. Moreover, a simple and easy-to-fill-out form is critical to improve the user experience and increase the submission rate. In a nutshell, the simpler the intake form, the higher the chances of users taking action! While Salesforce does not have a native functionality for auto-populating time zones, there is an API-based approach that can solve this problem. In addition, this same solution can also auto-populate country, state and city as well (the US and Canada). Continue reading to see how you can easily configure this solution and streamline your data gathering process.

Cloud Peritus
January 7, 2021

Building The Right Workplace Culture: The Cloud Peritus Story

Creating a company culture that resonates with its employees is one of the most fruitful things that businesses can do. In 2015, Shiva Rajgopal, an accounting professor at Columbia Business School, met with three co-authors from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and surveyed more than 1,400 North American CEOs and CFOs over 13 months. Their goal was to understand how culture impacted the organization.

Cloud Peritus
December 30, 2020

Uploading Files to S3 Using Presigned URLs

If your end users need the ability to upload a large volume of files or extremely large files then Salesforce may not be the ideal file storage solution for your business due to file size limitations and cost.

Cloud Peritus
October 13, 2020

Strategy for Profiles and Permission Sets

Ensuring that your end users in your Salesforce org have the necessary and only the necessary permissions to perform their job is essential. Salesforce offers numerous different ways for admins and developers to enforce security across multiple levels:

Cloud Peritus
October 9, 2020

Designing Salesforce for the future - Isn't it obvious? Maybe not...

"We need to redesign our Service cloud, Salesforce data model which means we must redesign processes, reload data, potentially re-write integrations and re-train our existing users in order to enable Sales cloud or enable Community cloud." Doesn't it sound familiar, am sure for most of you it does. In fact, this is true even if you've started off your Salesforce journey with Sales cloud or Community cloud.