Juniper Internal Mobile - Case Study Notes

November 10, 2023
Juniper Internal Mobile - Case Study Notes

Juniper Service Organization, just like the other Case Studies here. Specifically, this project targeted Service Managers supporting both technical and admin services cases, that is JTAC, CCARE, and ASC managers.

The Opportunity:

Over the last 3 years, the information and actions made available in the Salesforce Desktop Service Console Lightning App has become indispensable for managers to monitor the on-going health of their teams and track & herd through specific critical cases.  However, before the Internal Mobile App, this required the Manager to be tethered to their desk to access this information. While out of the office, managers attempted to access the Console through their Mobile Browsers, but the Out of the Box responsive UX was found to be not very usable. This got Juniper to start to explore leveraging the Salesforce Mobile App that users can install on their mobile devices in the App Stores. They found the Out of the Box UX for their Service Console was superior than through a Mobile Browser, but still lacking in key areas, e.g. their custom Create Case flow was unusable on the Mobile App. They also realized that the ability for the Mobile App to support Mobile Push Notifications - something not possible through the Browser - provided the opportunity of delivering new and powerful use cases to their Service Management Team, allowing them to continue to monitor their team’s work queue and to be informed and act upon key case events in real time, even when not at their desk.

The Solution:

While Juniper saw the opportunity, they did not have the resources to do the necessary customization work to successfully design, build, test, and deliver the solution.  Cloud Peritus was able to work with the Business Support and Project Management teams at Juniper to deliver a successful Mobile implementation in a six month project.  Specifically

  • Mobile Push Notifications.  Device level Push Notifications are a key feature in delivering the Micro-Moment use case of being able to receive and effectively respond to key customer service events, while waiting for a latte at Starbucks.  Cloud Peritus built a Push Notification Delivery Platform that leveraged Trigger Flows to listen for the identified conditions to fire the PN. The Platform dynamically creates the PN content and links, all maintained outside of code in Custom Metadata Type records. The Platform also includes a custom “Switchboard” Lightning Web Component, that allows users to turn on and off receiving specific PNs as desired.
  • Mobile Glitches.  Some standard Salesforce components don’t work correctly on Mobile, and custom work-arounds needed to be implemented (e.g. Lightning App Highlights Panel doesn’t display dynamic Quick Actions).    
  • Integration with existing Service Console App.  A number of pages in the App were not responsive and had to be modified or completely replaced  to be responsive on a Mobile device.

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