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We help accelerate your digital transformation journey with innovative, scalable, and best-fit solutions while maximizing ROI.


Cloud Peritus helps a large American residential mortgage company transform their Sales platform from a loan/transaction centric into a prospect/customer centric one. This pivot greatly improved their prospect/customer targeting and the accuracy of marketing outreach programs. The swivel chairing and highly error prone multiple data entry workflows across systems were eliminated resulting in significant increase of productivity of their Loan Officers.


Cloud Peritus helps a large American multinational corporation that develops networking products to re-imagine and implement a best-in class service solution that helped with enhanced customer satisfaction and service productivity. Client’s service team can now collaborate with customers and manage team's capacity, skills and key milestones across service requests.


A rapidly shifting landscape like the Medtech and Health & Life Sciences sector requires equally rapid and powerful systems in place to ensure you are ahead of the industry and at the same time remain agile and compliant.

At Cloud Peritus, with our unique expertise and know-how can help you achieve just that.

Our Culture,
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Passion + Innovation = Cloud Peritan

We take pride in our diverse, supportive, and inclusive workplace – created and nurtured by design. This allows our employees who are our most valuable assets to learn, grow and thrive with a culture of integrity, accountability, and valuing commitments. We take every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our successes.

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"Working with Cloud Peritus is a rare and rewarding experience in every way. An immensely enthusiastic partner possessing a unique combination of domain and platform knowledge that takes complete ownership of a client's project is rare to find indeed."
                                                                                                 - Client Review

We help our clients navigate roadblocks and achieve their business goals faster

Cloud Peritus is a boutique consulting firm focused on transforming businesses through the power of Salesforce. Fueled by passionate, committed, and high-achieving practitioners we help our clients navigate roadblocks and achieve their business goals faster through our innovative and best-in-class solutions.


Our experience, expertise and the art of the possible framework helps us consistently deliver best-in-class solutions for every business need.

Our Salesforce Expertise

A single customer view in Salesforce across Marketing, Sales and Service is foundational to any successful CRM implementation. Our specialists bring in a wealth of experience in architecting and implementing some of the most complex customer 360 solutions for our clients.

Our 'Art of the possible' implementation framework allows our clients to explore innovative solution options. With a focus on customer centricity, value driven outcomes and foundation for scalability, we help solve our clients’ most complex business problems.

We help our clients choose the right integration tools, patterns and design to implement business process automation across Salesforce and other front and back office applications.

Our data specialists bring in the necessary expertise and accelerators to help build out the right data migration strategy for our clients. With a strong emphasis on data quality and governance, our clients greatly benefit from high quality and reliable data in Salesforce.

Our clients benefit from the fast paced agile development practices we bring in. Our CI/CD expertise helps facilitate agile development and allow our clients’ to provide feedback on changes with greater velocity.

Our expertise in automating functional and performance testing across Salesforce and other integrated applications, greatly improves quality and accelerates our clients’ implementation timeline.

Fueled by Passion

Driven by Innovation

Why should you
choose Cloud Peritus?

Value based
consulting approach

  • Our consulting framework maps every story and sprint back to the objectives and goals of the program which allows our clients to get the highest value for their investment

Our Delivery Model

  • We overlap offshore working hours to help accelerate distributed agile delivery.
  • CoE reviews all architecture and design. 
  • We have innovative and simplified design principles.
  • Customer-centered design is at the heart of our approach.

Reliable Results

  • Our value-based and outcome-driven approach enables us to deliver unparalleled solutions to some of our clients’ most  complex business problems.
  • Our delivery experience, investments in innovation, extensive research and careful experimentation help us deliver reliable results for our clients.

Accountability & Ownership

  • Our unique milestone-based billing model is just another way of expressing our accountability to our clients.
  • We are fully committed to delivering the results that we promise.

Salesforce Competence