Welcome to the Future of Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS)

As the world races to reshape the future in this digital age, the healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. At the forefront of that transformation is MedTech – the convergence between medical expertise and the latest technologies.

MedTech is the cornerstone of our entry into the vast arena of Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) – and it is the guiding light for Cloud Peritus to deliver technology enhancing solutions to the companies manufacturing and supplying these life saving medical devices & supplies.

MedTech – The Portal to the HLS Universe

But it is much more than just technology – it represents a promise of improved healthcare for everyone. And at Cloud Peritus, we use the transformative power of Salesforce to improve customer engagement, streamline operations and deliver medical innovations that are best-in-class. By making MedTech our entry point to HLS, we are:
  • Activating Digital Health: Using artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and the latest tools and apps to reimagine the delivery of healthcare.
  • Emphasizing Interoperability: Creating seamless communication across various healthcare systems to address end-to-end patient care.
  • Customer-centric Solutions: Placing the needs and experiences of your customers in the front and center, so that every innovation revolves around the value and benefits to them.

Why Start with MedTech?

By choosing MedTech as our starting point, we can apply some of our most innovative solutions to solve some of the key challenges the MedTech industry is currently facing. We recognize the importance of medical device/equipment manufacturers & suppliers to streamline their operations and create an integrated client engagement to stay ahead of their competition. Our commitment to MedTech leads the way to a brighter & healthier future; technology and healthcare are no longer two mutually exclusive objectives.

Get ready to transform your MedTech business as Cloud Peritus goes on to write the next chapter of healthcare history; by leveraging the power of Salesforce.

The Current MedTech Landscape

The MedTech industry is in the middle of a seismic shift driven by technological breakthroughs and the increasing focus on digital health, artificial intelligence, patient-centered research and the well-being of both patients and providers. The passage of CMS’ Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule underscores the importance of facilitating the interoperability among all healthcare systems, devices and applications, with the goal of reducing errors in the exchange of information, and making more informed decisions.

But all progress comes with growing pains, and now MedTech firms are seeing regulatory scrutiny unlike anything they’ve seen in the past. Firms must be compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and regulatory guidance from the FDA around Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and deploying the right customer relationship management (CRM) systems and solutions can greatly protect patient information and stay in line with regulator guidelines while maximizing client engagement.

Where does Cloud Peritus fit in?

With the landscape shifting right under our feet. It is imperative to stay ahead of the game.

This is where Cloud Peritus’ expertise can help catapult your business transformation leveraging our innovative solutions built on Salesforce and seamlessly integrate all your systems while remaining compliant.

Why Cloud Peritus

Well defined solutions for risk mitigation
Offshore teams available on client friendly time zones
Objective review by CoE for a fresh perspective
Future ready methodology for scalability
Highly skilled and experienced workforce

What we offer our clients

Advisory Services

Cloud Peritus helps our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey through our "Art of the Possible" framework. We further tailor our solutions by engaging with the stakeholders and sponsors to understand their business needs and current pain points. Our proposed transformation solutions evaluate the various cloud offerings of Salesforce and is centered around the customer. Key KPIs that are tangible and measurable are proposed and agreed upon with the key stakeholders. Our Advisory services include:

  • Defining the scope of implementation through discovery
  • Drafting a high-level functional & technical architecture
  • Identify priorities and define an MVP, key considerations, risks, & assumptions
  • Defining an implementation plan
  • Providing expert advice on setting up a CoE, governance model, environment, development methodology and DevOps strategy

Assessment Services

We, at Cloud Peritus, engage with clients through the means of workshops and other state-of-the-art consulting methodologies, to evaluate their current state & high level future needs. We then perform gap analysis on their business processes & technology and compile a comprehensive assessment report and a clearly defined remediation plan. Our expert assessment team reviews our clients’ current state Salesforce implementation and outlines:

  • Gaps in the existing data model
  • Technical debt incurred
  • Recommended business process improvements
  • Recommended changes to user experience
  • Recommended changes to technical design
  • Recommended changes to Integration design
  • Recommended governance structure
  • Recommended implementation roadmap

Implementation Services

Our teams collectively bring in the expertise and years of Salesforce implementation experience to every engagement. Our unique delivery model offer our clients with overlapping working hours with offshore development teams. The overlapping work hours allow our implementation team of engineers, testers, and analysts to engage with our clients' team to enhance collaboration and accelerate delivery while keeping the total delivery costs significantly lower. Our implementation services include:

  • Program Management
  • Architecture Oversight
  • Business Analysis
  • Salesforce development
  • Quality Assurance
  • QA Automation
  • DevOps
  • Integration specialists
  • Data migration specialists

Maintenance Services

We take pride in our post implementation care and maintenance services and our clients get to take full advantage of a shared architecture and technical pool. Our support packages include round-the-clock support and strict adherence to SLAs we commit to with a dedicated team of experts. We also offer run-and-maintain services to existing Salesforce clients. Our maintenance services include:

  • Dedicated command center
  • Automated task allocation
  • Strict SLA adherence
  • 24x7 on call support
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Defect - Analysis, triage and fixes
  • Release management
  • Enhancement requests

Our Approach

Our success lies in a three pronged approach to solving complex business problems for our clients:

Art of the Possible

Through rapid prototyping to showcase key capabilities to help inspire, ideate, and compare options.

Customer Centricity

Through emphasis on the client’s customer experience and impact at every stage of the journey leading to meaningful outcomes.


Through a strong foundational design and a config-over-code approach to help scale for future requirements.

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