August 5, 2022

Customer Challenge

The client is a large MNC that builds and markets network-related products. Whenever a product is sold to a customer, there are several post-purchase activities like provisioning of warranty for certain products for a certain amount of time, service guarantee for certain years etc. The client service organization had to manually retrieve data from the SAP & Salesforce to determine the entitlement of the customers when they contacted for support.

Customers and the Support agents got onto a call to raise create cases, and the agents had to capture the data for replacement of defective items manually. Customers then had to validate the replacement data manually which wasn't the best use of the both the customer's and the agents time.

Agents then had to manually switch between systems to validate and provide the necessary service. Customers weren't drawn to connect with the chatbot on the client's website because of its visual appeal and lack of depth in its service offering. Most of the chatbot's functionalities weren't being used, therefore agents were flooded with cases that could have been deflected through the chatbot's self-service capability.

Goals proposed by Cloud Peritus

1) Reduction of manual interference to the maximum extent possible and let the system automatically validate the customer pain points and proactively notify agents when service is required. Also, apply the right entitlements to the case to solve the customer's pain point and provide the right level of service per the contract.

2) Improve the chatbot on the client's website and provide a more contextual help and self service capabilities to deflect the number of complaints registered that did not require human intervention.


Cloud Peritus proposed a solution that was based on an integrated rule engine that evaluated numerous conditions to provide different services based on the complaint type to the customer via a login based Salesforce community. Also, the SAP system was integrated into Salesforce which allowed real time data retrieval within Salesforce. The entitlement validation was done before the case was routed and assigned to the appropriate team by retrieving product data from the SAP system, and then notified the customer of the available and best service options.

Automation of the remote troubleshooting workflows and collaboration across L0, L1 & Engineering teams have contributed in the significant reduction of average handle time. Automated communications with meaningful responses have helped in significantly improving CSAT and NPS. The new customer service portal bundled with intelligent bot and self service capabilities greatly reduced the overall call volume. An intuitive chatbot design leveraging the lightning components further improved the usage of the chatbot improving self service capabilities and case deflection.

Impact on the Business

  • A gradual decrease in the number of cases handled by agents
  • Better utilization of human resources by saving 1473 human hours per month working on resolving customer complaints
  • Significant reduction in the average handle time
  • Increase in CSAT and NPS

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