August 10, 2022

Customer Challenge

Having failed implementing FSC previously, the customer was skeptical of FSC as a solution to transform their Sales and consumer experience. A time motion capture of the Loan officer from Lead greeting to Loan Lock was conducted - it included a significant number of manual steps across 13 different systems (re-key in customer information). Poor consumer experience through a disintegrated and disjointed marketing outreach, non recognition of duplicates, lack of self serve and lack of prospect/consumer 360 view.


Reltio MDM, Salesforce FSC (Mortgage), Blend, lead generation platform and Encompass integrated as a single platform was proposed to ensure optimal Loan officer experience, unified prospect/consumer view, consumer self serve and co-pilot capabilities were available. Sales process was reimagined and standardized through dynamic scripts and elimination of unnecessary swivel chairing and re-entry of information that was already captured. Identification of duplicate leads avoiding disjointed marketing outreach efforts through deployment of lead deduplication rules. Priority View setup in Salesforce allowing Loan officers to maximize their Salesforce experience by not having to look at multiple systems to organize their activities everyday and rely solely on Salesforce to manage their workloads.


Impact on Business

Significantly improve Loan Officers efficiency and focus on selling, Reduce swivel chairing and re-key of data preventing human induced data errors, significantly improve training and onboarding of dispatch and loan officers, greatly enhance borrower experience through self serve (application in take process) and still allowing Loan officers to follow up as necessary through milestone triggered alerts in Salesforce, communication preference management, calendar management and task management. Lead prioritization reducing brute force/ cold calling and help with higher conversion rates and effective dispatch and LO time management.

Quantitative Results

  • A 50 percent Reduction in the number of steps - Lead greeting to Loan Lock
  • Significant Reduction in resource onboarding time and training
  • Improved Lead Prioritization
  • Greatly improved time to lock a loan

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